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Three Major Changes to My YouTube Schedules

Woah... Finding a solution to clean-up, and making better audio is super exhausting... It's hard to find the best solution, so I am probably gonna make a post on my website regarding this.

Anyway, even though I finally found one, but as I have scheduled videos till 17 May, and I can't change the audio for all this scheduled one, the change to the audio output probably could be heard post 18 May. Finally... Hopefully this is gonna help my viewers or anyone who watches my video to enjoy it better.

Also, since 10 April 2022, I have redesigned my OBS overlay which includes more things to see in the display, aside from only the gameplay and webcam/my reaction only. The redesign one has some features, which is:

  1. Gameplay
  2. Game title
  3. Webcam/my reaction
  4. Playing timestamp
  5. Input from keyboard/mouse/gamepad
  6. Some messages to reach/support me

Hopefully with this redesign, my viewer, or developers whose product is playtested by me will see this as a helpful feature.

And the last one. Since this past few days, I've been becoming more and more busier, I guess it's better for me to create a "Gaming Database" page in my website, so it's easier for anyone who wanna know "what game have you played?, "when will this game will be published to public?", and so on. Even though I could schedule posts regarding five upcoming videos like what I've done lately, I still think it's better for me to prepare things as no one knows what the future will hold. You can read the page through this link.

Thank you for reading, and see you on another post. :)